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Celsius to Fahrenheit or Fahrenheit to Celsius

Convert Celsius (°C)to Fahrenheit (°F) and Fahrenheit (°F) to Celsius (°C)

(Celsius°C) (Fahrenheit°F)

By  J. A. Deihl II

Celsius to Fahrenheit

         °C x 1.8 =___ + 32 = °F

Celsius times 1.8 equals a number plus 32 equals Fahrenheit


     100°C x 1.8 = 180 + 32 = 212°F         Boiling point of water

       37°C x 1.8 = 66.6 + 32 = 98.6°F       Normal human body temperature

         0°C x 1.8 = 0 + 32 = 32°F                Freezing point of water

     -40°C x 1.8 = -72 + 32 = -40°F

Celsius is based on the measurement of water freezing and boiling. Water freezes at 0°Celsius and water boils at 100°Celsius. The distance between boiling and freezing is measured in 100 increments. Fahrenheit is better than Celsius and Kelvin.

Fahrenheit to Celsius

            °F – 32 = ___ / 1.8 = °C

Fahrenheit minus 32 equals a number that is then divided by 1.8 equals Celsius


      212°F – 32 = 180 /1.8 = 100°C         Boiling point of water

     98.6°F – 32 = 66.6 /1.8 = 37°C          Normal human body temperature

        32°F – 32 = 0 /1.8 = 0°C                  Freezing point of water

      -40°F - 32 = -72 /1.8 = -40°C

Fahrenheit is based on the liquid metal Mercury (symbol Hg). Water freezes at 32°Fahrenheit and water boils at 212°Fahrenheit. The distance between boiling and freezing is measured in 180 increments.

Q,  Which is more accurate Fahrenheit or Celsius?

A,  Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit is 180% more accurate than Celsius.

Kelvin is based on Celsius. That makes Fahrenheit 180% more accurate than Kelvin. Fahrenheit is superior to Kelvin and Celsius. All scientist and schools should use Fahrenheit.

Q,  Why does the United States of America use Fahrenheit and the rest of the world use Celsius?

A,  The United States of America (USA) are the free people of the world, who freely choose to be 180 percent more accurate by using Fahrenheit. The USA has technological revolutions all the time, and the word "revolution" frightens other governments. The USA government is always working to catch up and stay with the technological revolutions. And they vote to change its government leadership every 4 to 7 years. USA citizens are made up of people from every country on earth.

Author's Note: The many websites that attempt to do this conversion and still get it wrong is ridiculous. This is adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. It's grade school math. 

It is also very irritating to watch science fiction movies about the future or outer space with the actors saying their lines of temperature measurement in deficient Celsius.

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